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Low Cal Ideas

Low Calorie Food Ideas

I find little tips in your blogs and around the internet, little ideas to make food less evil and my life a little better, and I decided I'd start listing them all here so I don't just go, "Wow! What a great idea!" and then forget ten minutes later! I'll include a link to your blog if you shared the tip!

"I like juices that have a double-punch... for example, grapefruit juice is said to help speed metabolism, cranberry juice doubles as a diuretic, and cherry/grape/pomegranate juices are high in antioxidants."

"For a spice that will actually cause you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism use Cayenne pepper. It is known for its metabolism boosting abilities and is a healthier choice than the basic black pepper that most people use."
- unknown

"I started mixing balsamic vinegar with some dijjon mustard for a super low calorie salad dressing."

"Salsa makes a really good baked potato topping and 2 tablespoons usually has 10-15 calories."

"When I am super hungry and I just want a low cal sauce on my salads or on my wraps - I put salsa on it. I put salsa or cold tomato sauce on just about everything.... including when Im snacking on baby carrots, celery, yellow orange and red pepper slices at work. I buy a 14 oz tub of salsa and the whole thing has about 140 calories in it - so for the amount that I actually use, its like nothing, plus theres a lot of natural vitamins and minerals in it! "

More to come!



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