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Monday, November 1, 2010

Feeling Motivated + Great Thinspo!

Eat for the body you want, not the body you have.

Hey ladies! I'm in a really great mood! I just bought a dress! I hope I did the right thing by ordering a small and not an extra small. The bust size for extra small was too small, but the waist on small is too big, ugh! Curse you, European sizes! My waist is 25 inches, my bust is 32. I guess that's not too bad, but I only started measuring myself recently so I can't compare it to anything else. =/ 

 But it's super adorable! This is what it looks like: 
*picture removed*

I'll be taking this image down in a day or so. I don't want it to further identify me, lol. 
I'm so paranoid, I know. But I'll be wearing it with black tights and long black gloves. It's for a zombie themed party I'm going to.  So I'll be a 50's zombie! I'm a big fan of the movie Fido, hehe!

Gosh I love dresses! I don't like my legs so I'll wear very dark or opaque stockings or tights, but that's okay, I'm confident they'll get better eventually. =) So having this pretty dress on the way is obviously quite motivational for me. I've been everywhere from 110 to 114 lbs. But I haven't gone over 114! =) I drink a LOT of water, so that tends to make my weight change radically throughout the day.

I really need a new scale, and I think I may take that awesome advice and buy one online. ;)
It's really bothersome to have to make sure no one is around so I can weigh myself, since we keep it in a very public area of the house (the living room! wtf!). And I know if I move it I'll be asked why. =/ UGH I want to move out so badly! Not to mention I question those numbers a lot, since it's so old. =/ I hope a new scale won't tell me I weigh more... Hm.

And as mentioned, I've been following the blog Oh Gosh Wow for a while now. It's the most awesome Thinspiration I've ever seen! Some of it is sort-core porn, but it's not like video or anything. I found the image at the top of this blog there!

Also, I added a new page: About Rowan
Check it out if you're interested. =) The link is at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading! And yay, I have 10 followers now!
Even though I don't comment on most blogs I do read EVERY post I see!

Stay strong! <3


  1. omg that dress is so adorable! And getting the right size for your bust was totally the right move, you can always tighten the ribbon a bit :)

  2. that dress is GAWGUZ. it'll make a great costume dress and you can wear it after as well. god it's so beautiful..i can't stop looking at it >.<
    i sound so weird XD

  3. Your dress is beyond beautiful. As are you, I see it in your words. In your lovely, heartfelt comments you leave me; please don't ever leave, for you've completely warmed a corner of my heart, that you now own. You're so lovely.
    You will look amazing, I'm sure.




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