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Friday, January 28, 2011

Award + Updates

I'm gonna make it happen this time. - Lady Gaga

First of all, just wanted to say that I'm officially back down to 110. Thank GOD. I was so worried I'd have to update my numbers. So today I've had a small bowl of mandarin orange slices (I'm going to round that up a bit to 100 calories). 

And that's it. And I've been for a bit of a hike outside. Going to stay mothafudging focused today!! I want to lose!! I can feel my bum getting tighter from the workouts I've been doing, it's really really satisfying. Also trying out Tracy Anderson's workouts on YouTube. Yeah, she's the one that trains celebs and has those awesome infomercials about getting in shape without getting bulky muscle -- YES PLEASE!! I want her to be my personal trainer!! Augh!! Here's one of her videos:

I found her tips about keeping your fingers and wrists really engaged during arm workouts to be wonderfully true, and I think it's what I do wrong a lot of the time because I could REALLY feel it afterwards. Also, she's fucking adorable. <3 

Okay, so the amazing, awesome, sweet and sexy Skinny_El gave me the Honest Scrap award! I really don't know what to say, because I had no idea my blog was interesting enough for such a thing. It's just my way of venting that I so desperately need, as we are all familiar with.
So I have to write 10 things about myself and pass it on to 5 other bloggers!

1} I drink a ton of green and white tea. Specifically 4C Totally Lite Pomegranate Green Tea Mix and the honey flavored one too - they're 0 calories! I also brew green tea of all varieties, though I'm finding my favorite is Gevalia's fruit flavored green and white teas. I drink anywhere from 4 to 8 glasses a day, often more. 

2} The part of my body that needs the most work: Thighs.

3} I have a very hard time being friends with girls IRL, because all I can do is compare myself to them and it makes me so distant. I prefer to be around guys. Things are just way more simple that way.

4} My biggest motivation to lose weight is my boyfriend. I know, its rather shallow, but it's the truth. I just want to be his little doll. (: He's always telling me I'm already perfect but I think we both know there's plenty of room for improvement.

5} I have green eyes. ;)

6} I actually never wear pink, with the exception of hair flowers and some minor accessories. I'm usually wearing black.

7} If I could afford one I would get a boob job too, without question. That would alleviate all my fears about losing weight.

8} I've had nightmares about family/friends finding this blog...

9} Art is my passion in life. Specifically graphic design, illustration and web design.

10} I'm going to make a thinspo scrap book!

And now, to pass it on, in no particular order:

1] To Azzie - You were my first follower and I've been following you since your first post too. You put a lot of things in perspective for me, and you're probably the strongest, most dedicated girl I know. I wish I had the control you do! You're also gorgeous and I wish you could see it the way the rest of us do! <3

2] To Olivia Lee - I only just started following you, but I've already come to love your blog! It's so cute and you post the sweetest thinspo! You also seem to be terribly strong and I admire that so much. I will definitely be following you for the long term! <3

3] To Emma - I just started following you too, but you've motivated me so, so much. I think if I hadn't read those first few posts of yours I wouldn't be doing so well today. I love the thinspo, quotes and motivational philosophies you post. Thank you, truly! I only hope I can keep up with your progress! ;) <3

4] To Astrid - I've been following your blog for quite some time, and you've inspired me and taught me more than I can say. Not to mention the subjects you bring up for others to comment on, which I have learned from also. I love your long, detailed posts that are so clearly from your heart, and I can relate so well. Keep writing, please! <3

5] To Kate -I guess this is a pretty weird nomination. And I'm sorry I'm using my last slot to nominate someone I've never talked to and who stopped posting months ago... But, Kate's blog was the first Ana blog I ever read. She opened me up to this wonderful thing that has kept me from going mad with loneliness and lack of someone to talk to. Surely I could talk to someone who would want me to stop, yes, I understand that. But I want someone who understands, who doesn't look down on me for what I want, who doesn't get uncomfortable by calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. Not to mention her blog still has a ton of great resources, information and inspiring posts and photos - there's a LOT there, from info on how many calories you get rid of when you purge to weight loss apps for your phone. I sincerely hope that where ever you are, or whatever you're doing, you are happy and staying strong. <3 <3

There were quite a few other people I wanted to nominate, including El, but a lot of them have already received this award. Anyway, I love everyone who reads my blog, whether you comment or not, and I love you for letting me follow your journey. It means a lot to not feel so alone. <3

 Now back to working out! Yay!


  1. Aw, Rowan, thank you so much! I think your blog is so motivational. And we'll both be thin soon. :)

    Thanks for posting the video. I'm just about to try it out!

  2. Oh, you are the sweetest thing! I will pass on/post this evening. You are one of my faves, I hope you keep being as inspirational as every single freaking post of yours I've read. :D

    As for the vid, I'm totally trying that out. Thanks, love!

    Stay strong dear, It'll only get better. Our best thinspo comes from eachother!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This almost made me cry!! Thank you so very much! I hope that I can keep you reading & I'm so glad that I've inspired you to blog yourself! I will be a loyal reader =)




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