Giving up Something Good for Something Better.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Skinny, Give me Strength...

Don't lose sight, remember what you are,
What you aren't,
And where you want to be.
Dear Rowan,
Don't lose your motivation. Don't stop, don't eat.
Keep moving, keep moving.

Ugh. Sorry for posting again so soon. I just ate dinner and I can't purge because my family won't find something to do other than hang around outside the bathroom. I'm really unhappy about it. Why am I suddenly craving it so much? =/ I ate too much. And by too much I mean I think I went over 500 calories for today.

Someone hit me with a boat oar.

I never calculate how many calories I burn. Maybe I should start? Maybe that would make me feel better... But then, I don't really want to feel better. Because the better I feel, the less I'm going to try. No, I don't need any encouragement to eat more.

 Well, back to the grindstone.
Now I have to work out on a full tummy. And every time I cramp up I'll have to take a break. But I can stay up until around 4am and it's only about 9 o'clock. So I should be able to burn atleast a little.

But I'm so glad I have this blog. I'm so glad I can get these thoughts out so I can move on.
I'm not giving up!!

The best thinspo pictures in the world are pictures of myself.
And by that I mean it's wonderfully (and horribly) inspiring. I want to look better.
I'm sick of looking like myself. I want to be a doll, I want to be unfathomably light and delicate.
FUCK! Okay! Getting back to work!

<3 Love ya!

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