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Friday, April 15, 2011

110 & That's Pretty Much It

 Thin is my Religion.
I will not falter in my pursuit for perfection.
I will not commit sins against my body,
for it is the temple in which I worship.
My body is all that is sacred and holy.
It is the one and only body I will ever recieve
So I will treat it with the utmost respect and
 I shall pamper and perfect it in every way.

 Good Afternoon Again!

 Meant to get up earlier than I did today, it was just so nice and warm and I have nowhere to go today for the most part. And as I lay there in those soft, faint sunbeams, my pale curtains fluttering gently overhead in the warm breeze from the open window, the world finally seeming calm for once, all I could think was, "I can't eat if I'm sleeping..." Hahaha!

 But alas, I can't burn calories either. So up I got. Amazingly enough I was actually able to weigh myself in peace (I thought for sure I had missed my opportunity by getting up so late) and much to my surprise, despite a snack at 3am (will explain later), my loss was everything I could have hoped for:

 * 110.1 lbs *
That's a 1.1lbs loss! *

 I'm going to count that as reaching my mini goal!! YAY!! And before Sunday even! Hell yes!

 Too bad I didn't think of any rewards to give myself, damn.. But anyway, that snack. Well last night after my normal pampering in the bathroom for a couple hours, I realized I was feeling physically weak, which bothers me. As much as I want to "crash diet" I don't feel starved 85% of the time, I really don't, unless I've been binging for days before. Sometimes I think around 500 is a reasonable, probably almost healthy intake for someone with my body type. My BMR says I should be eating around 1,600 a day but that's fucking insane. So anyway, I shouldn't be feeling weak, and I only had 333 calories last night. Well, not realizing how late it actually was, I had a 100 cal yogurt. And then looked at the clock after I had settled in my room with a magazine and started eating: 3 am. HOLY CRAP! I shouldn't be eating 100 calories at 3 am!! OMG! I thought it was like midnight, which still isn't good but yeah. So I proceeded to do leg lifts and crunches until 4, lol!

 I've been really bad about keeping track of my fluids, I kinda forget to update them every day... My goal for today is 400 calories.

 Uhhh wow, I guess I really don't have much to say this morning. I can't upload a ton of thinspo right now, so I'll include thinspo and comment responses in my dinner post. :)

Sending you lovely ladies love and hugs, have a great day! <3

Today's Intake
Breakfast: 1 apple (50 cal)


Dinner: -

Fluids: Iced Pomegranate Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Red Goji and Raspberry Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Passionfruit and Raspberry Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Water (0 cal) 

Total: 50 cal
(Today's Goal: 400)

Calorie Calendar (4/11 - 4/17)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Calories 615 263 455 433 50 500 500
Weight  113.3 ? 112.9 111.2 110.1 - -
Calorie Goal :: Calorie Total :: Met Goal :: Over Goal :: Incomplete 
Weight Loss: 3.2 lbs :: Weight Gain: 0 lbs 

Weekly Goals:
110 lbs by the end of the week
 Download new work out music
Take new measurements of waist, arms, legs, etc.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I can't wait till I reach that!
    (CW121.5) Your blog is so thinspiring!





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