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Monday, February 20, 2012

Some Other Things

Sorry for posting again so soon, but I wanted to start my calorie counting again, like I use to.
So this is just a quickie. And here we go. =)

As you can see from my "goals" I'm going to try to ease myself back into this.
Wednesdays are my day off, the hardest day of the week to be "good", so I'm going to aim to be less than 1000, but I don't want to get too hopeful... Yeah, I really have gotten that bad.

I will update this tonight hopefully.

Today's Intake 

Breakfast: Bowl of Banana Bread Oatmeal + milk (~200 cal)

Lunch/Snack: -

Dinner: -

Fluids: Hot Earl Grey tea with milk and honey (100 cal maybe)

Total:  300 cal
(Today's Goal: 800

Calorie Calendar (4/11 - 4/17)
Calories8008001000800 700800700
Weight? ????? ?
Calorie Goal :: Calorie Total :: • Met Goal :: • Over Goal ::  Incomplete 
Weight Loss: 0 lbs :: Weight Gain: 0 lbs 

✔ Weekly Goals 
 • Stay on track all week
• Be happier

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