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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Today's Food:
- 1/4 cup dry Oatmeal Squares cereal - ~50 cal
- 3/4 small Courtland apple (no skin) - 55 cal (according to
- Tuna Sandwhich - Tuna (50 cal) + 1 slice potato bread (100 cal) + 1 tbsp miracle whip (40 cal)
Total calories: 295 calories

My tips from these meals:
-  When peeling and coring the apple I got rid of lots. Throwing out parts you could eat saves calories!
- I actually used much less than 1 tbsp of mayo. It's just pure fat, but tuna is hard for me to eat alone. Just use as little as possible.
- I always round up when I count calories. Because later in the day the higher that number in my head is the less likely I will be to eat more!

Why I chose today's foods:
- Oatmeal Squares are healthy with little sugar. They are a bit high in calories but they keep you feeling full for a long time, like other dry cereals.
- Milk is a lot of calories that aren't needed. Take a calcium supplement instead.
- Apples are good for your heart and work as a mild diuretic. Healthy calories!
- Tuna is full of Omega-3 fatty acids - which are great for your skin, among other things.
- Potato bread is better for you than white bread. Wheat bread is probably best, but I prefer the taste and texture of potato.

Other thoughts for today: 

About other blogs -
Reading blogs made me really study what foods everyone is taking in. A big one that shocked me is soda. What?! Why?! Soda is bad for you! Even diet soda! Especially if you ever want kids, because diet soda has been linked to causing Autism - yikes. Calories aren't everything. Think about nutrition too. If you're going to focus on eating less don't use up those calories on JUNK FOOD! Think healthy and beneficial! Think juice - 100% juices with no additives. Apple and cranberry juices work to cleanse your body & get rid of waste. Much better than soda, that has nothing but negative effects to offer your body. Water is another thing we're not getting enough of. It's so good for your skin and lips. And always a better choice than soda!!

Also, I noticed lists of foods you can't eat. How depressing! Why not make a list of foods you SHOULD eat? There are lots of healthy foods that are delicious. If you're always focused on what you CAN'T have and what you WISH you could eat, you're more likely to end up eating them - and sending yourself into a binge because your mind can't escape those thoughts. Instead, focus on being healthy and the foods your body will love! Our bodies take enough abuse with our EDs. 

Another thing I want to suggest is researching foods you eat on a daily basis. Find out how your body is being effected by them - what are the benefits? It's hard to research every food out there. Instead, pick things you are willing/like to eat and learn about them. If nothing you eat is good for you, start finding things that are good for you and you like, and do extra research on them too. Maybe you want to burn fat faster. Maybe you want clearer skin. Maybe you want healthy bones and hair. Food can do that, if you find the right ones.

Great websites to check out: is great. I don't plan on joining or anything, but as a reference it works well. I couldn't remember exactly how many calories were in tuna, so I went to CalorieKing's page for it - very specific, down the the brand and type, and had all of the nutrition info. Not to mention a list of "ways to burn these calories", which included 15 minutes of walking or 6 minutes of jogging. Very empowering to put it in perspective like that!

Today isn't over however. I've still gotta eat dinner later with the family, so we'll see how well I can do with that! No idea what we're eating, hopefully something healthy. I'll update again later! <3


  1. Instead of mayo, try hummus or avocado puree on your tuna. So much healthier and less fat.

    Thanks for the tip on checking to see food benefits. Dry breakable hair is a huge issue with me, and I hadn't the faintest clue that dark green veggies and flaxseed could help. Totally introducing that into my diet as soon as I wean off my fast.

  2. Aw yay, you popped my comment cherry too! Haha!

    And omg that's such a great idea, thank you so much! And yeah flaxseed has a million benefits for sure. The internet is such a great tool, sometimes I forget how much I can help myself with it. I have all these complaints about myself and there's usually a fix for it out there. I'm so glad I could help. =)

    You're absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  3. Mmhm. They're both amazing foods, great substitutes for anything fatty.

    Thank you! I'd say the same for you, cept...that's a picture of Emily Autumn (I think.) But I'm sure you are, too!

  4. Lol Yep, it's Emilie Autumn. =) Unfortunately I'm just too paranoid to post a picture or anything like that, I don't want family or friends to somehow find me out. I've kept my habits a secret for a long time and I prefer to keep it that way lol.




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