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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Thanks so much for commenting on my last blog, pretty ladies. :) It really made me feel great. It's really so important to remember I'm only human and I can't always make this best choices... It's important to not stay off the wagon for such a long period of time though! So here I am, getting fucking motivated again!!

Did a shit ton of crunches last night. Enough to make my back sore today, lol. It's such a good feeling. 

Today's intake was an apple, 90% of a banana and several bites of lasagna. I know, the lasagna is pretty calorie intensive, but I had to make an appearance at dinner. Having only a few bites made it not so bad though! I also had some white tea with pear, which was delicious! Gevalia makes the best teas, I'm finding. So strong and tasty!

I don't count crunches when I do them. I really need to, so I can try to make progress. I need to be a bit more obsessive.

I think the part of my body that bothers me most are my legs. And not just my thighs. I have chubby calves too. I focus on my stomach a lot, which I still need to do, but my legs really need to be less neglected lol. 

Also, I HATE my chubby cheeks! :( I know the only way to have a "thinner" face is to lose weight all over so... yeah.

New year's resolution? Get to 100 lbs, damn it. Firm stomach, thin legs and arms, nice ass. I'm really not so far from what I want. I just need to get a scale!! FUDGE! 

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