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Monday, March 14, 2011

Embracing Today!

- Repo! The Genetic Opera

100+ Helpful Hints
 "Wake up happy! Your first thoughts are the most powerful, the strongest and they can set a tone for the day. You can easily train yourself to begin each and every day with a positive thought." - Our Lady of Weight Loss
Had a banana for breakfast (105 cal). Since I got up pretty early and have nowhere to go and am surrounded by lots of my favorite foods, I've decided to read through dieting tips which I have just posted on a NEW PAGE - 100+ Helpful Hints! (Link at the top of my blog). I didn't make the list, but I can't find where I got it, so I posted it separately. I will be adding to it. It's BY FAR the BEST list I have found. Almost every tip is well thought-out, clear, concise and unique, not to mention definitely helpful! 

Also, reading them is really inspiring and empowering!

Things I need to Work On:
"Focus especially on the first three bites. After that, the excitement of eating will begin to slowly subside, and you'll probably be content with a smaller portion."

"Put your fork down in between bites at meal time."

"In between each mouthful of food that you eat, take a sip of water. It fills you up and slows down your eating so that you stay in control and the meal doesn't turn into a flat-out binge."

"Chew every bite at least 20 times. It will make eating feel like a chore and you'll be bored with it before you've even finished."

I use to be really good at all of these things, but I've gotten sloppy and it's definitely caused me to eat more. The funny thing is, these aren't even starving tips. They're things I think everyone could benefit from, whether they're eating a stick of celery or ten slices of pizza and a bucket of wings.

A Tip From Rowan

When forced to eat at a restaurant, order something you don't like (if there's no low-calorie items available - or order a low calorie dish you don't like!). You're stuck there until everyone else is done eating and you know you'll continue to eat it if it's something you like, even when you should have stopped. Also, ordering foods that you will have to work to eat - like steak, which you will have to cut up - is another good idea, because you'll constantly be attending to what's on your plate and people will just assume you're eating it too.

Why is this tip coming from me?? Because I seriously need to follow it too!! lol
Things to Keep Me Busy Today

1) Make an ana bracelet. This is something I've wanted to do for a while, and what better reason than to keep myself busy and not eating? ;) I think I'll make mine black and pink though, since I don't consider myself full-on ana.

2) Walk the dogs. Already took them for one hike today, so once they are "recharged" we'll go for another one, lol.

3) Posting on here - I'll post again later with my day's intake and any other things I think of.

Man, it's good to be back. <3

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