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Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a Quickie

"Every week, have an ‘enjoyable’ fitness exercise session such as cycling, dancing, swimming, running or yoga exercise, in addition to your daily fitness exercise program."
- Nicole Kidman

Good Morning

Send me strength ladies! I expect today to be a long one, I've got a lot to get done before I leave and I know I'll be out at the mall and shopping centers, delicious scents wafting my way via food courts.

Breakfast: Mandarin orange slices (80 cal)

Wish I had apples left, they're so low cal. It was oranges, peaches or banana, and god knows I don't need the 105 calories that banana is packing.

 My jeans feel a bit looser today, my tummy a bit more flat, and that gap between my thighs is spreading again, and my cheeks feel noticeably less pudgy thank fucking god.

I still haven't weighed myself since I returned to blogger. If I do well over my vacation, which I WILL, I'm going to weigh myself upon my return. Go me! I'm so scared I could just vomit though. Every ounce of me feels like I went back up to 118, or maybe worse, 120. It seems my body's comfort range is 110 - 120. But that's just not fucking good enough for me.

 Okay, gotta split! Love you guys, I'll update later! <3

Weekly Calorie Calendar (3/14 - 3/20)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
489 570 495 430
80 600
Final Total :: Calorie Goal :: Met Goal :: Over Goal :: Incomplete
This Week's Excess Calories: 100


  1. i love your blog :] and the inspiration pictures are goregeous. stay strong lovely. xx

  2. love this. you loook simply beautiful. great post dear. Don't forget to swing by and see Nicole Richie's new fave accessory and the latest fash read. xoxo

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