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Friday, March 11, 2011

Twitter & Tired

The grotesque, malignant cancer that is our expressions and our views is no longer the disease. We are being told that the sounds and images of art are now the symptoms of the creator. We as the artists, are now considered unhealthy and incurable. 
- Marilyn Manson
Today and Yesterday's Intake:
Yesterday's intake was better in comparison to what it's been. 
Breakfast: Fat free greek yogurt with peaches. 
Lunch: An apple.  
Dinner: Steak, macaroni salad, and salad with light honey mustard dressing. 
Snack: Granola, peanuts and craisins (2 cups - ugh). 
I don't feel like calculating calories (blasphemy, I know) but clearly it was over 500. Which blows.. But I don't think it was over 1500, which I guess is alright.

Today's intake has started out a bit crappy, but I woke up so hungry...
Breakfast: Granola cereal w/ milk: 230 cal. 
Lunch: An apple ~50 cal

I still haven't weighed, I totally agree with you guys, I need some time away from the scale.
You'd think, after falling off the wagon so many times (especially in the short time since I've joined blogger) I'd be better at climbing back on the damn thing, ugh.

New Motivation:

1) Went through photos I took of myself when I was at my best weight and compared to some pictures I took today... It's hard to compare, it's not a HUGE change, but I feel huge. And anyway, I can definitely see more fat in my face right now and that's the worst. It reminded me what I'm capable of though - and it reminded me that I CAN do this and I have always WANTED to do this. I need to get back there. I really, really need to.

2) Thinspo & my boyfriend. I guess just a bigger dose than normal - forcing myself to really think about why I should be dieting, why I want this. It's so hard to crawl out of this apathy when all I can think is, "What does it matter when he loves me just the way I am?" Well, that's great for him, but it's not great for me. I want to feel good in any article of clothing - bathing suit, mini skirts... my birthday suit. ;)

I created a Twitter account for diet updates! I've never used Twitter before, but I hope it will be a quick and easy way to update/confess and keep track of my intake, and hopefully it will be easier to reply to you guys. I hate that Blogger doesn't exactly alert you to messages, and it certainly doesn't have an easy way to respond and be sure the other person will see your response, ugh. So please! Create one and follow me so I can follow you too!! <3

Thank you guys for the comments and warm wishes! I haven't had the time alone to read many of your posts, but from today on I will try to keep myself up-to-date with you guys!


  1. Ohh good idea about twitter...maybe i'll have to get one. It seems like a good way to keep in check. Don't worry about slowly getting back on track...I'm doing the same myself. Sending you skinnies darling girl, it's great to see you back!

  2. Heyy, I have just found your blog and I love all your thinspo :)
    The twitter idea is really good, I might make an account. I thought about taking photos too, but I don't know if that will make me depressed.
    Good job with the intake, it's hard getting back in track :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x




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