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Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Evening

 I'm always amazed that people take what I say seriously. 
I don't even take what I am seriously!
- David Bowie
(Hehe, gotta love him!)

 Good Evening Blogger

Sorry I've been posting like twice a day again, I hope you guys don't mind? If it's obnoxious you can certainly let me know.. or stop following me I guess, lol.

Feeling great about my weight right now. I mean it sucks, 13 unwanted pounds is a lot to carry around, but it's so much better than it could have been! :)

The thought of maintaining and not losing is is really motivating. Just 13 lbs and I can stop hoping to weigh less and just be happy, focus on staying there. Who knows, maybe even at 105 I'll be happy. It's tough, I know I will still be me, I will have to learn to love myself more, I'm not going to be infinitely happier because I reached my goal, I know, I understand. But it's going to give me a nice boost of confidence. Anyone who says otherwise is a fat bitch! Ha!

I've decided I need to be a little more reasonable this week with my intake. Last week was a great success, and I sort of wonder how much I weighed at the beginning of it all, but I definitely felt a bit out of control when I realized I was aiming for 400 or 300 most days and winding up in the mid 200's. I guess meeting my goal is just as important as not going over. 

Changed my goals around a little so I'm eating less towards the end of the week.

I've always felt like I controlled my ED. I felt like I could quit if I wanted to. But the more I blog the more I realize I just can't imagine wanting to. But you know.. I feel like things just keep getting better. I have every reason to be happy and to be thin.

Yes, it's exhausting. Yes, it's torturous. Yes, I spend a lot of time being sad.
But the joy of feeling pretty.... I can't describe it.
And being the skinny girl in the room? 
Far, far more delicious than anything I have or will ever go without eating.

So now I'm going to work on finding a good balance, find some way to be healthy and above all, love myself enough to enjoy the success of 100 lbs.

Went for a hike, cleaned the house, did a brief little work out and I think I'll work out more after this post. Feeling good, keeping those calories burning. Yeah I guess that's all I have to say for today, lol. Tonight was homemade pizza. It was delicious, but I felt lame eating it. Also I should have skipped the grapes and prune earlier but I don't feel so bad since they are healthy foods, and I know my body needs some nourishment. The pizza dough is the only thing I estimated, it was homemade so I'm not sure what all was in it. Everything else was by the labels.

Going to be less strict about my goals. As long as I'm close I'm counting it a success.. for now atleast.

In Response to Your Comments

Alex - Thank you so much!

Cara - Thanks for following and the support! ♥ I love my calender too!

By the way, if anyone wants the calender I'd be happy to send you the code! :)

Today's Intake
Breakfast: 1 Apple (35 cal)
10 grapes (20 cal)

Lunch/Snack: 1 Dried prune (25 cal)

Dinner: Homemade Pizza (465 cal)
Organic Pizza Sauce  (10 cal)
2tbsp Black Olives (25 cal) 
 Mushrooms (5 cal)
Cheese (60 cal)
Dough (150 cal)
Salad w/ Light Honey Mustard (70 cal)

Fluids: Iced Pomegranate Green Tea x9 (0 cal)
Red Goji and Raspberry Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Iced Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Water (0 cal) 

Total:  615 cal
(Today's Goal: 600)

Calorie Calendar (4/11 - 4/17)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Calories 615  550 600 500  400 500 500
Weight  113.3 - - - - - -
Calorie Goal :: Calorie Total :: Met Goal :: Over Goal :: Incomplete 
Over-Goal Calories: 0  :: Under-Goal Calories: 0

Weekly Goals:
110 lbs by the end of the week.
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  1. Good job today hun, I'm proud of you. Being flexible with cals and at the same time not losing control and binging is so hard. You did it today! Yay! :)

  2. Love the picture on this post, I want those jeans!

    I think finding a balance is a great idea, that way, like you said you can enjoy your success when you reach your goal :)

    ~ Harlow

  3. You can post as much as you want to. I love hearing from you :)
    Great job on finding some balance. You'll be skinny and happy soon. I believe in you <3

  4. Balance is wonderful, I'm glad to hear you're being more flexible.

    And I definitely don't mind you posting so much! It's nice hear from you. And I've been posting just as often lately.

    Grace and peace,

  5. You should def post the code or comment the code on my blog! I'd love to have it!

    Your calorie intake amazes me. In a good way. I wish I could do that. I mean I know I could. And, I know I will be able to soon after I graduate and I don't have school stress anymore!

    keep it up! You'll be there before you know it!




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