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Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Going to Be Okay


After Dinner Update

I ate the whole taco. I said you know what.. I need to knock this crazy shit off. I'm going too far again. I don't know why... I just got sucked in again I guess. So, I ate the whole damn taco and even had 2 tortilla chips with some salsa. I'm trying not to feel upset, I feel quite full but not painfully full... I did use less meat and less cheese so that helped. 

I had a bit of a panic after I finished though... I ran to the bathroom, bent over the toilet and prepared to purge... But I stopped myself! Thank god. I didn't want the guilt of purging on my mind. I really don't mind the act of purging, it's just that I lose control after I do it. I start thinking I can just purge anything and eat as much as I want and it's a nasty, downward spiral.

And, everyone is talking about dessert. Like I said, they got pie and angel food cake. But, by some amazing, incredible luck they accidentally grabbed a sugar-free diabetic angel food cake that's only 60 CALORIES PER PIECE! What are the odds!? So, I'm almost considering having a piece. Almost, lol. We'll see. If I eat it, I'll be at 506, which isn't bad still! I could do it.

*Edit: Didn't have that silly cake. Of course. Had grapes instead. :) Yummy!

In Response to Your Comments

Olivia Lee: Thank you, you're absolutely right, 500 is a good limit to have, I need to stop being so crazy, lol. :) Thank you so much for your support lovie. <3

Monika: <3 You're definitely right, thanks for the support and reassurance, I really do need to increase my goals a bit. Thanks for reading!

Today's Intake
Breakfast: An apple (35 cal)
3 grapes (6 cal)

Lunch/Snack: More grapes (50 cal)

Dinner: 1 Taco -
1 Tortilla shell: 170 cal
 3oz 95% Ground Turkey: 100 cal
< 1/4 cup Mexican Blend Cheese: 90
2 tbsp Black olives: 25 cal
Tomato: 10 cal
Lettuce: 10 cal
(405 cal)

Fluids: Iced Pomegranate Green Tea x4 (0 cal)
Mango and Passion fruit Green Tea x2 (0 cal)
Iced Green Tea x4 (0 cal)
Water (0 cal)

Total: 496 cal
(Today's Goal: 500)

Calorie Calendar (4/4 - 4/10)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
485 230 275 475 210 496 400
 Calorie Goal :: Calorie Total :: Met Goal :: Over Goal :: Incomplete 
Over-Goal Calories: 0  :: Under-Goal Calories: 394

Weekly Goals:
Weigh-in on Monday April 11th & incorporate weight to my chart
 Write-up a new work out routine and schedule by the end of the week

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