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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sleepy Morning

“It was character that got us out of bed, 
commitment that moved us into action, 
and discipline that enabled us to follow through."

Good Morning Bloggers

Just wanted to post a quick update this morning. Managed to make it through last night without feeling too guilty, focused on drawing and picking out an outfit for today. Headed to the mall with my mum and sister, hopefully to find a dress for my sister's school something or other. I want to get some new tights, stockings and jeans. It's a bit depressing that I won't be buying jeans that are radically smaller but.. oh well. Atleast I feel decent about my body today. It's always a struggle.

Shopping can either go really well or really awful for me. Trapped in those dressing rooms with 360 mirrors can either make or break my day... Here's hoping for a good experience! 

Also there's a good chance we'll be having a meal while we're out. Which means restaurant food. Which means copious amounts of fat fat fat fat fat. My family usually opts for Friendly's food. Which is just glorified fast food really. Their salads are like 1500 - 2000 calories, but their burgers are like 600 calories. Uh, the fuck? I'm going to see if I can think up an excuse to get out of it, or maybe bring my own food to eat on the ride home or something.. Ugh.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and this is the LAST DAY before Monday's weigh-in!! OMG!!

Today's Intake
Breakfast: 20 grapes (40 cal)



Fluids: Iced Pomegranate Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Mango and Passion fruit Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Iced Green Tea x1 (0 cal)
Water (0 cal)

Total: 40 cal
(Today's Goal: 400)

Calorie Calendar (4/4 - 4/10)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
485 230 275 475 210 496 400
 Calorie Goal :: Calorie Total :: Met Goal :: Over Goal :: Incomplete 
Over-Goal Calories: 0  :: Under-Goal Calories: 394

Weekly Goals:
Weigh-in on Monday April 11th & incorporate weight to my chart
 Write-up a new work out routine and schedule by the end of the week

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  1. I'm sure you look awesome :)! I love your blog btw its one of my favourites ever :)




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