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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Post Worth Reading!

 You are in charge of how you react 
to the people and events in your life. 
You can either give negativity power over your life 
or you can choose happiness instead.
- Anaïs Nin

Some Positivity and Resources for You!

Since I'm constantly reading up on beauty, diet and fitness stuff I decided I want to do a weekly post with some of the info and links that I collect and save every day. 

Also I know my posts were lacking positivity and motivation the past few days, so this is my apology to you all and hopefully you find something helpful in here! ;)

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

We can do anything we set our minds to, ladies. We can be and feel just as beautiful as we want.
Keep calm, stay focused, and carry on!

Resources Online

1. Self (dot) com

I just created an account on there, and dear lord I can NOT tell you how impressed I am with this site! I think most of my favorite things are on this page:

My absolute favorite part? You can enter a food that you ate, and it will come up with similar foods that would have been better for you! How cool!

They are currently featuring a Tracy Anderson workout that she has Gwyneth Paltrow do:

Yes, I am still a huge fan of Tracy Anderson! You should search for her workout videos on YouTube, she gives the best tips! I'm going to try that one later tonight!

 2. Allure Magazine

 I am subscribed to Allure Magazine, and they have amazing articles and resources all the time. Their website really blew me away though. They have so many great articles and product reviews from professionals.

 I don't have any specific links from their site right nows, so it's probably best if you go there and read what applies to you! They recently posted a featured called "Look Better Naked!" that was quite good, I recommend checking it out!

Tips & Tidbits

"They can cause stomach bloating. (Look for "-ol" endings on ingredients, such as sorbitol.) And it's not just food; even many sugar-free gums and breath mints contain the culprits."

I have a feeling this is the source of my bloating but I can't tell for sure by the ingredients - I drink 4C "Totally Lite" 0 cal ice tea quite often, and it's sweetened with Splenda. Sounds like I need to drink less of it!

Go with what is clinically proven time and time again:

"What's tried and true? Alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, and peptides are great for fine lines and wrinkles. Salicylic acid works for acne, green tea calms redness, and vitamin K helps with dark undereye circles."

I can definitely say those ingredients always come up when I read about skin care used for celebrities. I think they summed it up perfectly.

A tip I need to follow: Start preventing aging NOW.
"Start anticipating changes so you can prevent deep lines before they start. If you spot a crinkly or crepey area of skin, start applying serums and lotions containing a mix of peptides ASAP. "Peptides give you the building blocks to make collagen," says Ranella Hirsch, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine."

 Products I'm Interested in Buying:
 Just wanted to make a quick list of products I've been reading reviews of & want to buy.

 1. Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel

 What it does: Gets rid of dull skin & sun damage
What it Costs: $25
Where to Get It:

Description:  "The at-home answer to chemical peels. Now, in 1 easy step! See results superior to a professional 35% glycolic peel. At home. No appointment necessary. The advanced exfoliator safely retexturizes and resurfaces skin. Formulated with soothing botanicals that help nourish and calm skin. Peels away dullness and visible age damage so healthier skin cells can surface. 30 unscented pads. *In 6 of 8 attributes tested over a 7-week period. °Results not comparable to professional procedures."

Won Allure's "Best of Beauty" award.
Numerous excellent reviews online from consumers and experts.

 2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

What it does: Prepares & perfects skin for foundation application
What it Costs: $32
Where to Get It: Sephora or

Description: "Create the perfect canvas for foundation application with our best-selling PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER. with grapeseed extract to soothe and protect skin, this oil-free, colorless formula fills in fine lines and pores to help skin appear visibly softer with a smooth velvet finish. use after moisturizer and before foundation for complexion perfection"

Winner of Best of Sephora Award for Best Primer
One of Marie Claire's "25 Products That Will Change Your Life"
InStyle Best Beauty Buy 

Also I'm a huge believer in using make-up primers. When I'm using eyeshadow I always use a primer first (Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion) and I need to find a good foundation primer!
Can't wait to get my hands on this!

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

What it does: Heals and protects chapped lips
What it Costs: $22
Where to Get It: Sephora

Description: "Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 blends reparative oils and waxes with real sugar, a natural humectant, for delectable and dependable moisture. Sweet and tart blackcurrant oil, rich in plumping essential fatty acids, cushions the lips while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals. It also provides essential, year-round protection from damaging UV rays."

Won Allure's "Best of Beauty" award.
Numerous excellent reviews online from consumers and experts.
 Some Questions for you!

1) What do you do about stretch marks? Do you have them?

2) What do you use on your lips for chapstick? Do you have trouble with chapped lips?

 3) What brand or model is your bathroom scale? Do you like it, would you recommend it?
(I need a new scale!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks ladies! Love and hugs!
Stay strong and stay smiling. :)
- Rowan


Today's Intake 

Breakfast: An apple (50 cal)

Lunch/Snack: -

Dinner: Soup (130 cal)
Toast (100 cal)

Fluids: Iced Green Tea (0 cal)
Acai and Blueberry Green Tea  (0 cal)
Iced Red Peach Tea (0 cal)
Water (0 cal) 

Total: 280 cal
(Today's Goal: 400)

Calorie Calendar (4/11 - 4/17)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Calories 320 330 280 400 500 400 300
Weight  109.2 ? ? - - - -
Calorie Goal :: Calorie Total :: Met Goal :: Over Goal :: Incomplete 
Weight Loss: 0 lbs :: Weight Gain: 0 lbs 

Weekly Goals
107 lbs by the end of the week
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  1. This post is so informative! I love the tips about diet foods. I always knew they were bad for you, but I just can't resist the low calorie counts. Maybe this can be motivation to just not eat any of it :)

    Thank you thank you thank you for that lovely comment on my blog. It was so thoughtful. It meant a lot. You are wonderful, darling. Never forget it <3

  2. I'm right with you - I've heard once you hit your 20's you need to start an anti-aging regimen, but I never know what to buy! The Avon Anew sounds great.
    I have chapped lips all.the.time. Now that I'm focusing more on drinking lots of water, they've gotten slightly better. I like using carmex or medicated blistex - I put it on right out of the shower and before I go to bed.




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